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Restaurants in Binondo and Their Specialties Edit

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Lorrianne Aryenz Valdecantos  • Contributor
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Planning a food tour in Binondo can get a bit intimidating, especially for newbies. Binondo is one of the few places in Manila that is densely packed with restaurants and eateries, and navigating through Binondo can be a bit of adventure. Here are some of the must-try Binondo eats for newbies.


Dong Bei Dumpling

Dong Bei Dumplings rose to fame because of their hand-made dumplings. Located along Ongpin St., most days for this shop are filled with long queues of people waiting to have a bite of their famous treat. Their dumplings are made in-store, and the crowd-favorite is kutchay that sells for PHP 140 or USD 3 for 14 pieces.


Dong Bei Kutchay

New Po-Heng Lumpia

New Po-Heng is located at one of the alleys on Carjaval St. This alley opens up into an atrium, surely busy from all the people dining in this restaurant. This lumpia house is famous for its 4-way lumpia. Customers can enjoy their fresh lumpia (spring rolls) with sweet sauce, without the sauce, with hot sauce, and in vinegar sauce. One fat roll of this lumpia filled to the brim with veggies and ground pork costs PHP 95,(USD 1.90).


New Po-Heng lumpia

Eng Bee Tin

Hopia lovers, unite! Eng Bee Tin, the home the best and wackiest hopia in Binondo just expanded their store into a mall. Yes, Eng Bee Tin mall exists and it’s hopia paradise on Earth. Apart from their OG must-try ube and custard hopia, people have been raving about their Golden Pork Floss Hopia. A box of 12 Golden Pork Floss hopia costs PHP 250 (USD 5). 


Eng Bee Tin Hopia

Masuki Mami House

Masuki is a Mami institution that no one should miss. They opened their doors in 1930 and have been consistently gaining patrons ever since.

They won their customers over the unchanged recipe of their mami with its thick noodles, steaming and flavorful broth plus a generous amount of toppings. Though they opened some stores in major shopping malls, their original place in Binondo still holds its authentic Chinese charm.

Their special beef mami costs PHP 160 (USD 3.20) and their plate-sized Asado siopao at PHP 85 (USD 1.70)


Masuki Mami 

Cafe Mezzanine

Cafe Mezzanine or the Fireman’s Coffee Shop operates with a noble cause. All the sales of this cafe gets donated to the Binondo and Paco Fire Volunteers, and these volunteer firefighters can enjoy 20% off on this cafe.

They serve traditional Chinese food like dumplings and their Kiampong is a crowd favorite. However, what draws in curious people is their Soup No. 5.

This CNNGo-recommended medley of bulls' testicles and soup placed Cafe Mezzanine in the spotlight.


Cafe Mezzanine soup

Wai Ying

This small and unpretentious restaurant tucked in Benavidez St. in Binondo looks like a regular restaurant but those who been here can attest to the flavors that they serve.

Wai Ying is famous for their dumplings- all of them. From the traditional beef balls to hakaw, they captured the hearts of people through these dumplings.

People also raved about their roasted duck and soy chicken. The duck is paired with a sweet sauce, priced at PHP 240 (USD 4.80) while the chicken, at PHP 190 (USD 3.80) can be slathered with their secret green paste. 


Wai Ying Hakaw and Spareribs

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