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Never Be A Stranger Again in A New City Edit

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Lorrianne Aryenz Valdecantos  • Contributor
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Hotels are no longer just a place to relax and lounge, they're now becoming starting points to easily and safely discover new cultures and experiences for its uninitiated guests. 

Staying at a hotel equipped to roll out itineraries made for guests looking for a deeper appreciation for the city they’re in, that's what TRYP is about.


Quiapo church

The authenticity of the tour can be measured through the level of connection formed when you left the city. 

TRYP ensures that these tours will touch hearts and create a deeper appreciation for the city. They value both the time spent inside their hotel as well as the time spent discovering the city.


Kalesa Ride

The Manila Tour is composed of Intramuros Walking Tour, Binondo Food TourQuiapo Market Tour, and Manila Pub Crawl. These tours touch the major hotspots in Manila. 

Though only Intramuros is considered a major tourist must-see, tourists should take a chance on Binondo and Quiapo since these places are concentrated with rich histories.


Intramuros Walking Tour I Book here


Binondo Food Tour I Book here


Quiapo Market Tour I Book here


Manila Pub Crawl I Book here

Through this campaign, the city can steer its guests into wanting to dive deeper into its history, knowing things, visiting places, and eating foods that are farther away from the usual and mainstream stops. 

Through this, a tourist will never be a stranger in a new city ever again.


Fort Santiago

Powered by the City is a tourism initiative formed through the partnership of Explora.ph and TRYP by Wyndham. This program supports passionate city residents and organizations that organize quality tours, shows, and activities for tourists.

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