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Manila Bay was once a booming trade market where ships docks, it served as a vantage point to spot any approaching warships and pirate, now Manila Bay is speckled with food hubs, nearby hotels, and malls. Manila Bay area is also considered to be the center of economic activities such as fishing, shipping, and tourism.
It is a natural harbor just off the coast of Manila, strategically made to line the 19-kilometer coastal area of Manila. Because of this, Manila Bay drew people and opportunities within the city.
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Address: Pundaquit, Pundaquit, Metro Manila
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Nearby attractions

Casa Tribunal (Tribunal ng Noveleta)
17.70 km away

Located behind Noveleta Town Hall, Casa Tribunal bears an important landmark in Cavite's history. In 1896, the Magdiwang, a faction of the anti-Spanish Katipunan, killed Spanish authorities in this hall. Magdiwang General Pascual Alvarez killed Guardia Civil Captain Antonio Rebolledo. The Guardia Civil Lieutenant Francisco Naval Ayudante was also killed, while the rest of the Guardia Civil were imprisoned. This event further intensified the Philippine Revolution in Cavite. Over the century, Casa Tribunal served various purposes for the government. It was once the office of Spanish government in Noveleta, then turned into the Magdiwang's office after its capture. Thereafter, the hall served as a post office, a library, a makeshift classroom, and an office to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). It now serves as a temporary office to the Mayor's League. Inside you'll find portraits of Noveleta's previous mayors, and a Filipino-Spanish battle painting entitled "Tulay na Kalero".

Baobab Trees
17.79 km away

One need not fly across the globe for a quick feel of the African savannah because found inside Cavite City’s Samonte Park are huge baobab trees. Planted in 2005, the trees were accorded by the Americans to the Filipinos as a mark of friendship.

Tanza Church (Holy Cross Parish)
17.79 km away

Tanza Church, officially known as the Holy Cross Parish, secured its place in Philippine history on March 23, 1897. On that day, General Emilio Aguinaldo and General Mariano Trias took their oaths as President and Vice-President of the Philippine Revolutionary Government in the parish convent adjoining the church. General Artemio Ricarte was also inducted here as Capitan General of the revolutionary forces. Declared as a National Historical Landmark, the convent has a life-size exhibit depicting Aguinaldo and his men being sworn in before a crucifix. The three original church bells, albeit cracked and broken, are also on display outside the convent.

Things to do nearby

Lasa ng Republika: The Ultimate Caviteño Food Tour by Ige Ramos

Experience this ultimate Caviteño food tour with no other than Cavite’s long-time food historian, Ige Ramos! Stops include heirloom restaurants and major historical landmarks and museums that made Cavite “The historical capital of the Philippines.”

Where to stay

Kartini Hotel
Hotels and homes
19.61 km away

Feel at home with Kartini Hotel in Cavite--the preferred accommodation in Kawit that provides quality amenities, fast and efficient services, and most importantly, clean, well-sanitized rooms.

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Pundaquit, Pundaquit, Metro Manila

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